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New Patient Information

Prior to your initial appointment at our office, please download your forms below and open them in Adobe Acrobat. Simply fill them out and bring it with your visit to our office. This makes your initial visit a snap!

Finance Options

We ask our patients to pay in full at every appointment so we may keep the cost of their dental treatment as low as possible.

If  you have insurance, we will be happy to file it for you and wait for  your payment from your insurance company. We will ask that you pay at  the time of your visit any part that you do not expect your insurance  company to pay. We will always present you with a printed estimate of  any recommended treatment and insurance coverage if it applies. This  allows patients to make an educated decision as to the dental treatment  they choose to have done.

Insurance is a contract between  the patient and the insurance company and has no obligation to the  dental office. We ask that you remember this. Our staff will do our best  to inform you of the details of your policy as given to us by your  insurance carrier, and we have extensive experience dealing with  insurance claims. Any changes or denials by your insurance carrier  become your responsibility, though.

We are proud to offer CareCredit financing.

We Accept Visa, Master Card.